Schlatter® CeeVee
by Jens Martin Schlatter, 68723 Schwetzingen, Germany

What is Schlatter® CeeVee?

CeeVee is a standard format (XML) to maintain a CV or (IT-) profile. It defines how data is stored. It is also a program to display and edit the CV. It can also be used to browse electronic visiting cards in the vCard format (.vcf)

Who needs CeeVee?

CeeVee is for freelancer and consultants working in the IT area and for the companies they work for (customers, consulting companies).

Advantage of CeeVee

The big advantage for the freelancer is that he does not need to adopt his CV every time to the needs of others (MSWord, paper, web forms).
And the advantage for consulting companies is that they get the profile in a standard format which is machine readable. The data is ready to be imported into their consultants database.

Web-Publishing with eCeeVee

With the eCeeVee Java applet you can publish your CV on the web. Every browser which is Swing enabled or supports Java 2 can display the data.
Newer browsers display and print the XML data directly with the CeeVee.css stylesheet.